New EV Chargepoint Grant Replaces Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS)

To help accelerate the provision of EV chargepoints in flats and rental accommodation the reformed Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) began on 1st April 2022.  The new scheme is now called the EV Chargepoint Grant and is available to flat owner-occupiers and those living in rented accommodation. 

For now, grants will still be completed manually until a new digital service is put into place, which should be later this year.  The same list of OZEV approved chargepoints and eligible vehicles applies.  You can click on the links below to check that yours is listed.

EVHS approved chargepoints 

EVHS eligible vehicles

Under the new EV Chargepoint Grant scheme, providing you fulfil the criteria, you will still be eligible to claim up to 75% of the cost of purchase and installation of a new chargepoint.  The amount you are eligible for will still be capped at the maximum pay-out of £350 per installation. 

Flat Owner-Occupiers and People Living in Rented Accommodation


As I said earlier, the new EV Chargepoint grant is open to homeowners who live in flats as well as people living in rental accommodation such as flats and single-use properties.  The main criteria are that you own, lease or have ordered a qualifying vehicle and as with the old EVHS scheme you must have off-road parking at the property.  You must also live in rental accommodation or own the flat where the chargepoint unit is to be installed.

Property Criteria


This grant is for existing domestic properties only.  It cannot be claimed for new-builds or empty properties and the property must have off-road parking

You must be registered at the property (This will be checked by vehicle registration details).  For rented or leasehold properties where the tenant or leaseholder will be applying for the grant, permission must be obtained from the relevant parties and you must be able to prove it. 

If cabling or materials need to be situated in or on another person’s property or on public land, then permissions must be agreed and a legally binding agreement or covenant be put in place before installation.

A Few Changes


Although the EV ChargePoint Grant is a similar system to the original EVHS there are a few changes:

  • You must live in rental accommodation or be the owner of a flat
  • The installer must confirm ownership of the property
  • Only one Chargepoint per grant (under the old EVHS scheme you could claim for 2 if you had 2 EVs)

How It Works

  • You choose your OZEV registered installer
  • Installer checks you meet all the criteria and applies for the grant on your behalf
  • Installer bills you for the installation minus the grant allowance

Vehicle Ownership/Keepership


You will be eligible for the EV Chargepoint Grant as long as you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are the registered keeper of a new/second-hand electric vehicle (The registered keeper is the one who pays the road tax and MOT, not necessarily the owner of the vehicle).
  • You are assigned a company car for the minimum of 6 months.
  • You lease an eligible vehicle for 6 months or more.
  • You lease an eligible vehicle through a salary sacrifice scheme.
  • You are named by your employer as the primary user of an eligible vehicle for the minimum of 6 months
  • You have an eligible vehicle on order

NB: You must provide evidence for whichever category you may fall under

Monthly Leasing


For monthly leases, the DVLA will only accept a claim once you have leased the vehicle for the minimum of 6 months and you can prove it.

EV with Chargepoint Bundle


If you are taking out a lease on a vehicle that includes a chargepoint then you will be eligible for the grant if:

  • The vehicle is on the OZEV list of eligible vehicles
  • Installation is to be at your home and you have off-road parking
  • The lease must state that you will be the owner of the chargepoint once payment has been made
  • Ensure chargepoint warrantee meets OZEV requirements and vehicle lease will exceed 6 months

Under these circumstances the itemised cost of the chargepoint and installation including VAT is the price against which the grant will be offset (A copy of your vehicle lease agreement will need to be submitted with your application for verification purposes).

When You Cannot Claim


You will not be eligible for the grant if you:

  • Have previously been awarded funding but have now moved home.
  • Buy a new car but the chargepoint that you have previously received a grant for is not compatible
  • Update an old chargepoint to a new one
  • Wish to claim the cost of moving an existing chargepoint to a new property (If you are moving to a new home that has an old chargepoint installed then you would be eligible providing you have not previously received funding)

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